Improved cross-linkage

Today we have published a new release of the portal. Data has been reprocessed in line with refinements made to the underlying data model, and complementary changes to the pages displaying information for organisations, people and capabilities/techniques should ensure a more integrated or “joined up” browsing experience.

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Search Hints

As the data in the portal is gathered from many different areas of the internet there can be significant variations in how people describe themselves, their organisations, and their capabilities. Care is therefore advised when searching to produce fully inclusive results.

Search syntax

  • When searching with multiple terms such as laser measurement, the default behaviour is to assume you wish to narrow your search and look for resources matching both laser AND measurement
  • If you wish to search using alternative terms, use OR between them, e.g. nano OR micro (note capitalisation of OR is required)
  • To search for an exact phrase, enclose it in double quotes e.g. “fibre laser”
  • Note also that searches are case insensitive

Hopefully these hints and tips will help get the most out of the portal. For further information, you might wish to see some more example queries.

EPIC Organisations added to portal

In collaboration with Carlos Lee at the European Photonics Industry Consortium we have now incorporated into the portal details of a large number of organisations working in the Photonics field and related areas within the UK.

This supplements the data harvested from organisational (mainly academic) websites, and where possible the capabilities and expertise of organisations have been aligned. However, this is an area which we are working on and improvements should be made available in the near future.

UK Photonics beta launch

Drum of illuminated optical fibre

This is a drum of optical fibre, which forms a critical part of high-speed data networks

Today, UK – the knowledge-driven photonics portal – was made available to a select group of invited beta testers.

The site brings together a wide range of photonics related information, including organisations, capabilities/techniques, people and equipment, with the primary intention of facilitating the discovery of resources and collaborators via search and exploration.

The majority of the information contained within the portal has been gathered from websites and data sources and will be automatically kept up-to-date, ensuring that the latest information is available with minimal manual intervention or maintenance.

Over the coming months the portal will be further developed and improved based on the feedback from initial stakeholder reviews, before being released as a public beta. Keep checking the portal news section for the latest information.