Chalcogenide Advanced Manufacturing Partnership Open Day 9 March 2015

ChAMP is a new 5 year EPSRC funded partnership between the Universities of Southampton, Exeter, Oxford, Cambridge and Heriot-Watt. The partnership includes 15 industrial companies with an interest in advanced materials, particularly chalcogenides; from material fabrication to the use of these materials in their products with more welcome to join.

International Year of Light 2015Celebrating the International Year of Light 2015, the project will start with an open day on 9 March featuring presentations from the academic and industrial partners gathering further industrial input to steer the direction of the project over the next 5 years and presenting insights on wide impact of chalcogenide technology.

Photonex Southampton, the Photonics Technology Roadshow will run alongside the ChAMP launch meeting featuring an exhibition of 30 photonics companies.  Free registration is now open.