Refinements to search

Based on early feedback, we have made a number of changes to searching within the portal.

Experience has shown that, wherever possible, using the more specific searches for capabilities/techniques, people and organisations generally yield better results if the user knows what they are looking for. As a result, the general site-wide search has been “demoted” to an advanced search page and three explicit search boxes added prominently to the top right of the website.

We have also enabled an improved ordering of search results in each sub-section, presenting those which are closest to the input search terms first.

Finally, a number of common synonyms have been programmed into the search index. For example, if you look for equipment and facilities you should get the same results back by searching analyser as you do for analyzer.

In other news, the automated data acquisition is now being run periodically, refreshing personnel and contact information from photonics organisations which publish such details on their websites. Work also continues on the consolidating similar or equivalent terms within the portal, via the application of sameAs alignments in the underlying linked data repository.

Feedback is very welcome via