Example Queries

The UK Photonics portal combines a wide variety of information from many different sources. If you know what you are looking for, then using the sub-categories on the menu to the left under Photonics Resources will usually bring more targeted results. Conversely, if you want to search a broader range of resources, then Advanced Search allows to to do just that… but depending on your search terms the results can be more varied and harder to interpret.

The following sections provide some examples and guidance of how the portal can be used to address typical scenarios

Finding collaborators

A company looking to participate in a TSB / EU project needs to find a partner organisation with special expertise in handling optical fibre…

  • Given this requirement is about a specific capability, the best place to start is in the Capabilities and Techniques section.
  • Enter term fibre in search box for the most basic search. Note that this section only searches for capabilities and techniques, not people, equipment or the names of organisations.
  • UK / US spelling variations are not automatically searched. Basic UK / US spelling variations are automatically handled, however to be sure you can search both variations by entering fibre OR fiber. Note capitalisation of OR is required.
  • After searching a list will be returned of all the capability entries containing the search terms ‘fibre’ or ‘fiber’. This will include the many variations by which organisation/groups describe themselves e.g. optical fibre, fiber sensor etc.
  • Click through on any of the returned terms to find the organisation(s) and/or experts(s) citing each capability.
  • Click through on an organisation or person name to find out more detail about them, including all capabilities that have been registered for them, contact details, collaborators, etc.

Finding an expert

  • If you know the name (or part of) the person in question, start from the researchers section. Either browse, or searching by surname is often best.
  • If you know where the person works, or are looking for a contact person at a given establishment, you can browse or search for organisations.
  • If you are searching for someone with expertise in a particular area, then proceed as in the first example above.

Finding equipment or facilities

Some organisations publish information about the facilities or equipment they have, though initially this is quite limited and for equipment is often very specific. SMEs or organisations seeking to outsource or collaborate with partners who have specific equipment or facilities (eg, microscope, ellipsometer, or various types of laboratory) can search or browse here.