Dr Stella Elliott

e: ElliottS1@Cardiff.ac.uk
t: 029 208 75316 / 75103
w: http://www.astro.cardiff.ac.uk/contactsandpeople/?page=full&id=126

I received my PhD (High power semiconductor lasers'') from Cardiff University in 2010. Prior to this I received my BSc from the University of Sussex, UK, followed by an MSc (Far-infrared Absorption by Excitons in Germanium at High Concentrations'' (as Stella Nina Krauzewicz)) from McMaster University, Canada.

Dr Stella Elliott is (or has formerly been) affiliated with Cardiff University, Cardiff-photonics-and-biophotonics-cardiff-university, Cardiff-quantum-materials-and-devices-cardiff-university and Condensed Matter and Photonics Group, Cardiff University.

Areas of Expertise

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