Prof Peter Blood

t: 029 208 74668

I obtained a BSc and PhD in physics from the University of Leeds. I was first employed at Philips Research Laboratories in Redhill and spent a year seconded to AERA at Harwell working on ion implanatation doping of Si. This led to a period as a resident visitor at Bell Labs at Murray Hill, New Jersey, working on Rutherford Scattering and solid phase epitaxial regrowth in Si. On returning to Philips I worked on GaAs heterostructures growth by moleclar beam epitaxy which led to a research programme on quantum well lasers. I moved to Cardiff in 1990 to establish a research activity on the physics of optoelectronic devices.

Prof Peter Blood is (or has formerly been) affiliated with Cardiff University, Cardiff-nanoscale-science-and-technology-cardiff-university, Cardiff-photonics-and-biophotonics-cardiff-university, Cardiff-quantum-materials-and-devices-cardiff-university and Condensed Matter and Photonics Group, Cardiff University.

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