Youfang Hu

t: +44 23 8059 2697

Youfang is a Research Fellow in Silicon Photonics. He was awarded the degree of BEng in Optoelectronics, Tianjin University, China, in June 2001. He moved to the UK for PhD study at Aston University, Birmingham, UK, in Oct 2001. The research in his PhD was focused on highpower, ultrashort pulse generation from diode lasers including InGaAs GCSELs, GaN blue lasers, GaAs DFB lasers, etc. He published 11 papers at Aston and was awarded PhD degree in July 2005. His professional career started from Nov 2005 as a Computational Physicist in a Photonics CAD software company, Photon Design, Oxford, UK. He was responsible for the development of two main-stream software packages, FIMMWAVE and PICWAVE. His main contributions include the Photonic Crystal Fibre module of FIMMWAVE and the multiple-Lorentzian gain model for PICWAVE. After a few years industrial work, he found he still had strong passion for research, and joined the Optoelectronic Research Centre, University of Southampton, UK in July 2007 as a Research Fellow, working on highly nonlinear Photonic Crystal Fibre and the development of Raman DFB fibre lasers. From Jun 2009 to date, Youfang has worked as a Research Fellow in the Silicon Photonics Group, University of Surrey/Southampton. His research covers a variety of topics, including passive silicon photonic devices, e.g. WDMs, wavelength filters and surface grating couplers, QCSE photodetectors/modulators, and nano-fabrication technology. Youfang has published 30+ journal/conference papers, 1 patent and 2 books/book chapters.

Youfang Hu is (or has formerly been) affiliated with Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton and University of Southampton.

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