Peter Vasilyev

t: 01223 (7)48354

Prof Peter VASILYEV joined the Group as an RA in 2011 and is now an SRA. Prior to working in Cambridge he has worked at PN Lebedev Physical Institute, Moscow, the universities of Bath and Bristol, UK, Tokyo University and Hamamatsu Photonics. Peter received his PhD in Physics from Moscow State University and DSc in Physics at PN Lebedev Institute. He is currently working on femtosecond pulse generation from semiconductor lasers and has many other research interests including, condensed matter physics, e-h Bose condensation. In 1990 he received an Electronics Letter Premium from IEE; in 1992 his Royal Society Fellowship; in 1994 his Kapitza Fellowship and the Basov Prize from PN Lebedev Institute in 2002.

Peter Vasilyev is (or has formerly been) affiliated with Cambridge University and Centre for Photonic Systems, University of Cambridge.

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