Dave Townsend

e: d.townsend@hw.ac.uk
t: +44 (0)131 451 3794
w: http://www.eps.hw.ac.uk/staff-directory/DavidTownsend.htm

Dave began his research career at the University of Nottingham, obtaining a PhD for investigations into the dynamics of molecular photoionization under the supervision of Katharine Reid. Following on from this he spent time as a postdoctoral researcher in the groups of Tim Softley at the University of Oxford, investigating the spatial manipulation of Stark shifted atomic Rydberg states, and Arthur Suits at the State University of New York (SUNY), using ion imaging methods for the study of molecular photodissociation. Prior to his current appointment, Dave was a Visiting Research Fellow at the National Research Council of Canada in Ottawa, working with Albert Stolow. During this time he developed parallel research interests in the use of time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy as a probe of excited state dynamics in molecules of biological interest and in quantum control methodologies exploiting the non-resonant dynamic Stark effect through the use of intense ultrafast laser pulses. Dave joined Heriot-Watt University as a lecturer in 2007.

Dave Townsend is (or has formerly been) affiliated with Ultrafast-photonics.

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