John Carroll

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John Carroll is an Emeritus Professor and Life Fellow of Queens' College having worked from 1967 in the Engineering Department variously as a Lecturer, Reader, Professor, Head of Electrical Division, Chairman of the Council of the School of Technology. He formally retired in 2001 but still enjoys some research and teaching and helping research students with mathematical problems. He is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering. Past research has covered microwaves, microwave devices, semiconductor devices and semiconductor lasers. Current research looks at fundamentals with applications of Clifford and Geometric Algebra to Maxwell's equations and signal processing along with speculative interpretations of classical Maxwell's equations as providing photon like resonances: Maxwellian photonics. Professor Carroll helps with the Division B 1st year Research and Communication Club and a 3rd year undergraduate project. \"Distributed feedback semiconductor lasers\" Co-authors James Whiteaway & Dick Plumb IEE 1998 \"Rate equations in semiconductor electronics\" CUP 1985 \"Physical Models for Semiconductor Devices\" Edward Arnold 1974 \"Hot electron microwave generators\" Edward Arnold 1970 \"Towards unlimited bandwidth?\" (Electronics Insight Letter 2007, 43(8), pp 429-431) \"Measurement of the 'single-photon' velocity and classical group velocity in standard optical fibre\" Measurement Science and Technology 2007, 18(5) pp 1538-1546 (coauthors J D Ingham, I H White and R M Thompson) \"Maxwell's Equations from Symmetry of '3+1' Spacetime Embedded in '3+3' Spacetime\", (Invited paper in American International University Bangladesh Journal of Science and Engineering 2005, 4(1), pp 1-9) \"A unified view of correlations, relativity, Clifford Algebra and quantum theory\", (conference paper in Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory - IX, British Society for the Philosophy of Science, 3-6 September 2004, Imperial College, London, dated 1/9/2004, pp 37-48 of Proceedings) \"Traditional vectors as an introduction to Geometric Algebra\", European Journal of Physics 2003, 24(4), pp 419-427 \"Gain modelling and particle balance\", IEE Proc Optoelectronics 2000, 147(2), pp77-82 (co-author E Pratt) \"Impulsive impedances in lossless circuits: Fourier and Laplace methods\",Electronic Letters 2000, 38(12), pp 1001-1094

John Carroll is (or has formerly been) affiliated with Cambridge University and Centre for Photonic Systems, University of Cambridge.

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