Mr Giovanni Orlando


Giovanni Orlando studied Electronic Engineering at Florence University and graduated with a BSc and Master in Medical Electronics in 1989. Then he worked for 20 years in different technical areas (RF circuits design and testing, Design for Testability, production testing, Chip On Board technology, wireless network testing deployment and commissioning, customer technical support, technical sales support, private mobile systems design and testing) in various manufacturers of private and public mobile networks (Marconi-OTE, Italtel-Siemens, Lucent Technology Bell Lab, IP Wireless-Nextwave and Orange mobile operator). He was awarded of a Master in Optics at the National School of Optic in Florence in 1996 and MPhil in Electronics at Bath University in 2007.

He obtained two DTI III grants (Investigating an Innovative Idea) grants in 2004 and 2005 for funding the initial start up of his two entrepreneurial ventures, Easy Machines Ltd (development of a mobile phone for elderly and blind people) and QI Instruments Ltd (development of intelligent tags for blind people).

In 2007 he developed, integrated a tested a GPR prototype (Ground Penetrating Radar) at Bath university working as part-time research officer during his MPhil studies.

In 2010 he worked as research officer at university of Bath on 'The Mapping of the Underworld' project

Mr Giovanni Orlando is (or has formerly been) affiliated with Cambridge University and Photonics and Sensors Group, University of Cambridge.

Areas of Expertise

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