Dr Feodor Ogrin

e: F.Y.Ogrin@exeter.ac.uk
t: 01392 724116
w: http://emps.exeter.ac.uk/physics-astronomy/staff/fogrin

My research interests lie in nanostructured Magnetic Materials: their fabrication using advanced lithographic tools (e.g. FIB, EBL, ENSL), characterisation with soft x-ray scattering/imaging techniques and study of fundamental properties for potential technological applications. Current research projects include: development of the time-resolved soft x-ray holographic imaging of magnetic thin film structures; development of self-propelled ferromagnetic micro-swimmers for biomedical applications; development and application of micromagnetic FDTD-LLG simulation code for studies of magnetic metamaterials. Further details of my research projects can be found at the magnetic materials research page. ­

Dr Feodor Ogrin is (or has formerly been) affiliated with Physics and Astronomy, University of Exeter and University of Exeter.

Areas of Expertise

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