Abdussalam Baryun

e: abdussalam.baryun@southwales.ac.uk
t: (01443) 4 82718
w: http://staff.glam.ac.uk/users/917-abaryun

Office Tel : 0144 348 2718 Fax: 0144 348 2780 Research Group: MoCoNet Research Group, Integrated Communication Research Centre (ICRC), since 2006. Research fields of interest: In Engineering: Routing over MANET and WSAN, NDR, Pervasive Computing, Ambient Intelligence, Mobile Communication Systems, Data Networks, Satellite Communication Systems, and M&S. In Business: SME Marketing.

Abdussalam Baryun is (or has formerly been) affiliated with Glamorgan Mobile Computing Communications and Networking, Integrated Communications Research Centre, University of Glamorgan and University of Glamorgan.

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