Ben Murdin

t: 01483 689328

1966 born Rochester NY, USA (British/US dual national) I am an experimentalist interested in the study of electronic and optical properties of semiconductors and semiconductor nanostructures using high-pressures, magnetic-fields, and linear, nonlinear and time resolved infrared spectroscopy. I am a regular user of the Free-Electron Laser, FELIX, in Holland, and I am the coordinator and spokesperson for UK Condensed Matter Physics users there. I am also a Programme Advisory Committee member for the Dresden laser, FELBE. I like \"applicable physics\" rather than really pure or really applied physics, for example I study how quickly and why electron spins lose their memory (applicable to spintronic devices). I chaired the International Conference on Narrow Gap Semiconductors, here in Guildford in 2007.

Ben Murdin is (or has formerly been) affiliated with Advanced Technology Institute, University of Surrey, III-V Semiconductor Emitter and Detector Physics, University of Surrey and University of Surrey.

Ben Murdin works (or has worked) with Free Electron Laser in Utrecht, Heriot-Watt University, Imperial College London, Lancaster, QinetiQ Ltd, UCL and Uni. Linz.

Areas of Expertise

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