Mats Jonson

t: +44 (0)131 451 4333

Mats Jonson joined Heriot-Watt University in July 2007 on a half time appointment as Professor of Physics. He received his M.Sc. in Engineering Physics at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1971 and got his Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from the same university in 1978. After a postdoctoral appointment at Indiana University he returned to Gothenburg and held various positions at Gothenburg University and Chalmers until he was appointed to a chair in Condensed Matter Physics at Chalmers in 1993. He moved to the University of Gothenburg in 2005, where he is now Professor of Condensed Matter Physics with a half time leave of absence. His research interests are in the field of mesoscopic physics, where he is particularly interested in nanoelectromechanical systems. Mats Jonson is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and served on its Nobel Committee for Physics 1996–2005 and 2013. He is also a member of the Royal Society of Arts and Sciences (Gothenburg, Sweden) and foreign member of both the Korean Academy of Science and Technology and the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters. Since 2009 he is a Guest Professor at Konkuk University, Seoul, Republic of Korea (where until 2013 he participated in the Korean World Class University (WCU) programme) and is a member of the advisory board of NTT Basic Research Laboratories (Atsugi, Japan).

Mats Jonson is (or has formerly been) affiliated with Quantum-photonics-and-quantum-information.

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