Dr Timothy May-Smith

e: tcms@soton.ac.uk
t: +44 23 8059 4376
w: http://www.orc.soton.ac.uk/people.html?person=tcms

Dr Tim May-Smith was appointed as a PDRA subsequent to his PhD studies at the ORC, University of Southampton (April 2005). His PhD studies were focussed on the application of the Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) technique for the fabrication of designer crystal planar waveguide devices and other device geometries based on the thin film format, and his current research work builds on the foundations laid down in his PhD. He has led the way in rebuilding the PLD lab and is now focussed on developing and extracting new results from the new equipment (see PLD Group page for project details - www.orc.soton.ac.uk/pld.html). He received the MPhys degree from the University of Wales, Swansea in 2001.

Dr Timothy May-Smith is (or has formerly been) affiliated with Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton and University of Southampton.

Areas of Expertise

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