Peter Jarowski

t: 01483 689862

Dr. Jarowski was born in the City, County and State of New York in New York Hospital. He graduated (B. Sc. in Chemistry) from New York University (NYU) (2001) where he studied electron transfer processes in porphyrin-fullerene dyads under the tutelage of Prof. David I. Schuster and was recipient of the Izadore Rubiner Award for Excellence in Chemical Research. Our research group is interested in the study of supramolecular phenomena using methods from physical organic chemistry with an emphasis on photovoltaics. The strategy involves novel experimental organic synthesis and solution-phase characterization in conjunction with related, and stand-alone, computational projects. Materials processing and analysis will be done in collaborations with the many experts here at the University of Surrey and the Advanced Technology Institute as well as in the South East Physics Network.

Peter Jarowski is (or has formerly been) affiliated with Advanced Technology Institute, University of Surrey and University of Surrey.

Peter Jarowski works (or has worked) with University of Groningen.

Areas of Expertise

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