Dr Andrey A. Umnikov

e: aau1r13@soton.ac.uk
t: +44 23 8059
w: http://www.orc.soton.ac.uk/people.html?person=aau1r13

Dr. Andrey Umnikov graduated from Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University (Russia, the city of Nizhny Novgorod) in 1998. The same year he joined the Institute of Chemistry of High-Purity Substances of the Russian Academy of Science (RAS) as a post-graduate student of the laboratory of Optical Fibers Technology. He received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the Institute of Chemistry of High-Purity Substances of the RAS in 2005. Henceforth, Dr. Andrey Umnikov was working there as a Research scientist up to the end of January, 2014. In February 2014, he joined the Silica Fibre Fabrication Group at the ORC, University of Southampton. Research interests of Dr. Andrey Umnikov lie within the sphere of the study of various dopants for active and passive optical fibres in silica matrix and the development of fibre preforms fabrication process.

Dr Andrey A. Umnikov is (or has formerly been) affiliated with Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton and University of Southampton.

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