Prof J Roy Sambles

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Roy studied Physics at Imperial College London, obtaining a first class honours degree in 1967 and a PhD in solid state physics in 1970. Following a 2 year PDRA in surface physics at Imperial in 1972 he was appointed lecturer in Physics at the University of Exeter, and was awarded the first ever internal promotion to a chair in Physics at Exeter in 1991. In 2002 he was elected a Fellow of The Royal Society for his contribution to a broad range of research on the fundamentals of melting, spin waves in metals, molecular rectification, liquid crystal optics and plasmonics. In 1998 he was awarded the George Gray medal of the Britsh Liquid Crystal Society, in 2003 he received the Thomas Young medal of the Institute of Physics and in 2012 he was awarded the Faraday medal by the Institute of Physics. He is a Council member of EPSRC, being also Chair of its Resource Audit Committee, in addition he provides scientific advice to the Government. He is President Elect of The Institute of Physics from October 2013, and will be President from October 2015. He is presently academic lead of the Electromagnetic and Acoustic Materials research group, exploring among other things metamaterials for microwaves, 'designer' surface plasmons, the excitation of surface plasmons on gratings of reduced symmetry (zig-zag gratings) and the interaction of phonons (sound) with novel metastructures. His research work helps to underpin technological developments at BAE, QinetiQ, Sonardyne and Dstl. Further he is coauthor of several patents, some of which are being pursued to potential commercial development. His most immediate research interests, being undertaken mainly jointly with Professor Hibbins, and involving a team of two research staff and seven research students is largely concentrated on metamaterials for microwaves and sound. This work is focussed on manipulating surface waves that carry energy tightly bound at an interface between two different media. The Exeter group is part of the £5M EPSRC Programme Grant “The Quest for Ultimate Electromagnetics using Spatial Transformations”, a collaboration with electrical and material engineers at Queen Mary and Oxford. Recently £400k of funding from DSTL was secured to support two PhD students, one of whom is working on acoustic metamaterials, both in air, and underwater, with the other exploring the microwave response of pseudo random metal patch arrays. His team are also developing antenna/metamaterial systems for the incorporation of RFID tags into their products to provide measures for tracking and anticounterfeiting. From April 2014 he will be leading a new Doctoral Training Centre in Metamaterials, a £12m EPSRC funded project supporting 80 PhD students over the next five years. Further details of my research projects can be found at the Plasmonics, Microwave Photonics and Acoustic Metamaterials pages.

Prof J Roy Sambles is (or has formerly been) affiliated with Microwave photonics, University of Exeter, Natural photonics, University of Exeter, Physics and Astronomy, University of Exeter and University of Exeter.

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