Jayanta Mukherjee

e: j.mukherjee@surrey.ac.uk
t: 01483 689831
w: http://www.surrey.ac.uk/ati/photonics/people/jayanta_mukherjee/index.htm

Jayanta Mukherjee has worked at the Optoelectronics Group, Tyndall National Institute (Cork, Ireland), Optical Sciences, University of Arizona (AZ, USA), Optoelectronics Group, Max Born Institute (Berlin, Germany) before joining ATI, University of Surrey. He was an assistant lecturer with the Applied Math's Dept., University College Cork, Ireland, teaching a course on scientific computing for engineering from 2006-2008. Jayanta has also worked at the Solid State Physics Laboratory, Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Govt. of India, Delhi, for his M.Tech (Laser) thesis from July’03- July’04. He is currently with the Photonics Group, Advanced Technology Institute, University of Surrey where his main research activity is designing space and terrestrial photovoltaic cells for laser power beaming applications, a project funded by EADS-ASTRIUM. His research interests include cavity nonlinear optics, highly efficient designs for monochromatic photovoltaic cells, nonlinear dynamics in semiconductor lasers, effects of injected coherence in broad area lasers, high power laser diode designs for improving beam quality, thermal management of high power semiconductor diode lasers and arrays, physics of quantum-dot gain medium, widely tunable diode lasers, QCLs, MOPAs, OPSELs

Jayanta Mukherjee is (or has formerly been) affiliated with Advanced Technology Institute, University of Surrey and University of Surrey.

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