George Gordon

t: 01223 748363

George Gordon completed his Ph.D., focussing on novel distribution strategies for radio-over-fibre distributed antenna systems, in the CPS in 2013. He was supported by a Rutherford Foundation Scholarship from the Royal Society of New Zealand. Prior to this he received a BEng (Electrical and Electronic) from the University of Auckland. His research interests include distributed antenna systems, wireless MIMO and, more recently, mode-division multiplexing in optical fibres, for which he was awarded a 2013 SET for Britain prize by the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee of the House of Commons. During his Ph.D. George was a member of Trinity College and was MCR President. George was recently awarded a 3-year Henslow Research Fellowship, to be taken up at St. Edmund's College, Cambridge.

George Gordon is (or has formerly been) affiliated with Cambridge University and Centre for Photonic Systems, University of Cambridge.

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