Stephen Sweeney

t: 01483 689406

Stephen's primary research interests lie in the area of semiconductor materials for photonic devices. He has produced >300 journal papers and conference proceedings in this area including several invited papers. He has also published >10 patents and 5 book chapters in the field of photonics.

Stephen Sweeney is (or has formerly been) affiliated with Advanced Technology Institute, University of Surrey, III-V Semiconductor Emitter and Detector Physics, University of Surrey and University of Surrey.

Stephen Sweeney works (or has worked) with Agilent, Arizona State University, Bookham, Cedova, CIP, Fujitsu, Imperial College London, Infineon, JDS, LSA, Okayama University, Philips, Philips Universitaet Marburg, Sheffield University, Stanford University, Tampere University of Technology, Tyndall Institute, Cork, UC San Diego and Universitaet Wuerzburg.

Areas of Expertise

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