Prof Bill Barnes

t: 01392 724135

I have been fascinated by science since an early age. An interest in astronomy led to the choice of a Physics degree, and I haven't looked back since. Current research involves the interaction between light and matter - particularly through the use of the metals - a field known as plasmonics. I received BSc and PhD Physics from Exeter in 1983 and 1986 respectively. From 1986 - 1992 I was a research fellow in the Optoelectronics Research Centre at Southampton University. In 1992 I was appointed to a staff position at Exeter. I was fortunate enough to be a Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award Holder 2004-2010. I am a fellow of the Optical Society of America.

Prof Bill Barnes is (or has formerly been) affiliated with Physics and Astronomy, University of Exeter, Terahertz photonics, University of Exeter and University of Exeter.

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