Dr Neil Collings

e: par10@eng.cam.ac.uk
w: http://www-g.eng.cam.ac.uk/photonics_sensors/people/neil-collings.htm

Neil Collings received his BA degree in Natural Sciences from Cambridge in 1971, and PhD degree from Salford University in 1977. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics. He has worked in the field of optics since 1977 and in liquid crystal devices since 1985, and is known internationally for his work on spatial light modulators, programmable optical interconnects, and holographic optical systems.

Neil has been working in the Photonics & Sensors Group at Cambridge since 1999.

Dr Neil Collings is (or has formerly been) affiliated with Cambridge University and Photonics and Sensors Group, University of Cambridge.

Areas of Expertise

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