Dr Yongmin Jung

e: yj1p07@soton.ac.uk
t: +44 23 8059 4523
w: http://www.orc.soton.ac.uk/people.html?person=yj1p07

Dr Yongmin Jung joined Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC), University of Southampton in U.K. in March 2008 and is currently a Senior Research Fellow (2013~). He received the B.S. degree in Physics in 2003 from Chung-Ang University (top honor at graduation), Korea and the M.S. and Ph. D degree in engineering of information and communications from Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST), Korea, in 2004 and 2008, respectively. His main research interests are the “Multimode fibre amplifiers and space division multiplexing (SDM) technology for high capacity transmission” Recently he has established the main key technologies for SDM and has presented several WORLD FIRST EXPERIMENTAL DEMONSTRATIONS including: i) the world’s first multimode erbium-doped fibre amplifier, ii) world record capacity record (73.7 Tbit/s) for amplified few mode fibre SDM transmission, iii) the world’s first high-capacity SDM transmission over hollow-core photonic bandgap fibre, iv) the world’s first field trial incorporating SDM technology, and v) the world’s first multimode re-circulating loop using high-order modulation format signals for long haul data transmission. These amazing research results were recently reported in several scientific magazines (e.g. Laser Focus World, April 2013; Optic Photonics News, June 2013).Due to the cutting edge nature of his research and the interest it has generated excellent academic performance, publishing more than 70 papers in international journals and 105 in conference proceedings as well as 23 in high profile postdeadline/invited papers (H-INDEX=21).

Dr Yongmin Jung is (or has formerly been) affiliated with Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton and University of Southampton.

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