Nikolaus Klaus Metzger

t: +44 (0)131 451 4188

Nikolaus Klaus Metzger received an Engineering degree from the FH Muenchen working on a regenerative fs-amplifier for his thesis. After completing the MSc course in Laser physics at Heriott-Watt University he went on to work in industry for Rofin/Basel Lasertechnik. In 2007 he completed his PhD at St Andrews University looking at the nonlinear dynamics of optically bound matter. As a Postdoctoral Research Fellow within the Ultrashort-Pulse Laser Research Group in St Andrews he was working on versatile solid-state laser systems especially those with software-aided controlled laser cavities. Recently he has been holder of a prestigious European Metrology Research Program - Researcher Excellence Grant, developing high power mode-locked laser sources.

Nikolaus Klaus Metzger is (or has formerly been) affiliated with Applied-photonics.

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