Manon Lourenco

t: 01483 686086

Dr Manon Lourenco obtained her first degree and MSc in Physics from the Universidade Federal de MInas Gerais, Brazil, and her PhD from the University of Surrey. She has been working as a research fellow since the completion of her PhD. My main research interests are directed towards the fabrication and characterisation of optoelectronic devices. During my PhD program, and since then, I have been working on the fabrication and optical, electrical and/or structural characterisation of semiconductor devices (solar cells and light emitting devices) and materials (SIMOX, FeSi2, SiC and other Si compounds; GaAs/InGaAs, InP/InGaAs, CdS/CdTe), using techniques such as electroluminescence, photoluminescence, Raman spectroscopy, deep level transient spectroscopy, photoconductive resolved frequency spectroscopy and double crystal x-ray diffraction. I have published over 50 refereed papers in these areas.

Manon Lourenco is (or has formerly been) affiliated with Advanced Technology Institute, University of Surrey and University of Surrey.

Areas of Expertise

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