Silicon Photonics, University of Surrey


Recent Research Highlights: Highest coupling efficiency for a grating-based directional coupler measured (2005); Novel depletion type modulator proposed with 40 GHz intrinsic bandwidth (2005); Polarisation independent depletion modulator proposed (2006); World?s first free standing waveguides fabricated and measured (2007); Reduction of carrier lifetime by using ion implantation (2008); Reduction of proton beam written waveguide propagation loss by oxidation (2009); High modulation depth 40 Gb/s optical modulation in silicon (2010/2011); High extinction ratio locally erasable ion implanted Bragg gratings in silicon demonstrated (2011); Low loss mid-IR SOI waveguides fabricated (2010/2011); Novel (DE)MUX reported (2011); 50 Gb/s silicon modulators demonstrated (2011); Several patent applications and granted patents

Silicon Photonics, University of Surrey is part of Advanced Technology Institute, University of Surrey.

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