Power Photonics and Applications, University of Southampton

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The Power Photonics and Applications group, led by Dr Yoonchan Jeong, explores the outer reaches of photonics science and technology, especially, in high-power and high-energy regimes. Our research focuses on developing innovative lasers and photonic systems and providing novel and powerful solutions to related applications.

Our main research interests include: generation of high-power / high-energy photons; photon-photon / photon-electron / photon-phonon energy conversions; photon-molecule interactions; and many interesting related applications, such as lidar, laser sonar, remote sensing, space optical communication, display, nano-biomedical applications, etc.

The group is also collaborating in aesthetical applications of photonics technologies into art, e.g. technology textiles.

Power Photonics and Applications, University of Southampton is part of Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton.

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