Photon Science Institute, University of Manchester


The Photon Science Institute was established in 2005 to bring together experts from a wide range of scientific fields to foster the development of cross and multi-disciplinary collaborations and provide a dynamic and exciting culture for the progression of new ideas in photon science. The term photon science encompasses all areas where light is used in scientific endeavour ' light for science. The Photon Science Institute has already attracted the interest of a significant number of researchers from across all faculties within The University of Manchester.

The Photon Science Institute will build upon established collaborations with photonic based industries, whilst stimulating the interest of medical, biological, pharmaceutical and materials related companies within the North West region and beyond. With a view to providing access to a wealth of scientific expertise and knowlege held within The University of Manchester, the Institute will also participate in international networks and interact with other internationally recognised photon focused and interdisplinary centres of research excellence.

Photon Science Institute is part of University of Manchester.


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