III-V Semiconductor Emitter and Detector Physics, University of Surrey

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The Photonics Group has a long standing reputation for research on the physics of semiconductor materials for application in optoelectronic devices. Much progress continues to be made in understanding the loss mechanisms in semiconductor laser diodes, and optimising devices for applications in optical communications at near-infrared wavelengths.

Improved performance in these applications may be realised in new materials; we are studying: tri-metal alloys and dilute nitride semiconductors for 1.5 micron wavelength telecoms and displays (Prof Stephen Sweeney); quantum dots for temperature insensitive lasers (Prof Stephen Sweeney); carbon nanotubes for non-linear optical materials (Prof Jeremy Allam)

Other applications, such as displays and environmental sensors, operate in different wavelength ranges, and projects include: GaN and related wide-gap materials, for blue-green emitters and solar cells (Prof Stephen Sweeney); narrow gap semiconductors, including Quantum Cascade intersubband lasers, operating in the mid-infrared.(Prof Stephen Sweeney and Prof Ben Murdin)

III-V Semiconductor Emitter and Detector Physics, University of Surrey is part of Advanced Technology Institute, University of Surrey.


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