Glamorgan Mobile Computing Communications and Networking


The Mobile Computing, Communications, and Networking (MoCoNet) research Unit has been established in 2003. Since then it has been growing in an exceptional pace to become one of the biggest research units in the Faculty. In 2007, it was merged with the Integrated Communications Research Centre.

We pride ourselves with the excellent facilities that were the result of both university investment and significant industrial support. These include our unique Next Generation Wireless Applications Development laboratory which contains complete IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) setup from France Telecom R and D UK, 3G Indoor Node B, and all extra components such as SIP A/S (Ubiquity Software Corporation) Media Server and Gateway (Cantata Technology) and Others. This lab is the only of its type is an academic institution in Europe and may be worldwide.

Additionally, The Agilent Technologies Photonics Research Laboratory is a state-of-art facility for next generation wireless-optical communications.

MoCoNet is also very active in providing consultancy to telecom industries worldwide such as TeleKom Malaysia and others.

We also pride ourselves with the exceptional research environment we provide to our research students.

Glamorgan Mobile Computing Communications and Networking is part of Integrated Communications Research Centre, University of Glamorgan.


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