Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies


The Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies, with more than 50 active researchers, is the largest research group in the School of Engineering and Applied Science, and one of the largest in photonics research in the UK.

It has a world-recognised record of achievement in nonlinear photonics, high-speed optical transmission and processing, in fibre optic components and in fibre optic sensors.

It is an acknowledged centre of excellence for experimental and theoretical research in optical soliton, high speed optical systems, fibre grating technology, fibre sensors, microwave photonics, bio-photonics, and all-optical networks.

Photonics in sensing technologies

The group pursues a diverse range of device-and-system-level topics at the leading edge of technology. It has recently successfully expanded its activities in a number of key areas including femtosecond pulsed laser techniques, medical sensing devices, and planar integrated optical circuits.

A distinguishing feature of the Institute's research profile is the way in which significant industrial and collaborative projects provide the context for fundamental research, usually of an interdisciplinary nature. It maintains active and fertile collaborations with industrial companies and academic institutions throughout the world.

Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies is part of Aston University.

Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies works (or has previously worked) with AAC Eurovent, Actatek (UK), Advantage West Midlands, Alcatel (France), Applied Functional Materials, Arden Photonics, Astasense, Avery, AZEA/XTera Communications (UK), BAE Systems, BBN, BK Consultants, Blaze Photonics, Branscan, British Council, British Telecom, BTI test and inspection, Cable Detection, Chamois Metrology (and 42 others).


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