X-ray Magnetic Holography at Physics and Astronomy, University of Exeter

Soft X-ray highly coherent light at the 3rd generation synchrotron sources is used to perform holographic imaging of magnetic domains in magnetic thin films and multilayers._ In collaboration with I06 instrument support group (DLS) we have developed an experimental set-up for holographic measurements in transmission and grazing incidence geometry. Element specific measurements can be performed as function of magnetic field (currently up to 2 kG) imaging the perpendicular (to the surface) component of magnetisation within 1-2 micron field of view with the resolution of 40nm. Our experiments_ are also carried out at other synchrotron sources:_ beamline STG52 (BESSY, Berlin, Germany), BL13-3 (SSRL, Stanford, USA)._ An optical holography set-up is also availbale to investigate different regimes of structural holography and sample geometry to inform measurements on X-ray sources. The optical set-up uses_ a visible light laser source, and can be performed in both transmission and reflection geometry.

Hosted by: Physics and Astronomy, University of Exeter.

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