UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometer at Photon Science Institute, University of Manchester

w: http://www.psi.manchester.ac.uk/research/facilities/PSIfacilities09.pdf

The _-1050 (PerkinElmer) is a research grade spectrophotometer that uses three separate detectors (a PMT, a wideband InGaAs photodiode and a PbS photodiode) to cover the range 175 to 3300nm. The snap-in detection module can also be replaced with either an automated Universal Reflectance Attachment (URA), or a 150mm Integrating Sphere module with a centre mount and external port which uses a built-in PMT and cooled InGaAs photodiode for detection. The URA enables absolute reflectance spectra to be measured in the range 200_3100 nm (using a Si photodiode and a temperature-stabilised PbS detector) at angles between 8 and 65̤ in 0.5̤ intervals. It is used with an automated polariser unit with plug-in Glan-Taylor (210_1100 nm) and Glan- Thompson polarisers (300_2600 nm).

Hosted by: Photon Science Institute, University of Manchester.

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