UV-Vis-NIR spectrofluorometer at Photon Science Institute, University of Manchester

w: http://www.psi.manchester.ac.uk/research/facilities/PSIfacilities09.pdf

Our modular Fluorolog 3-22-iHR (Horiba) spectrofluorometer is configured with double excitation and emission monochromators and, for detection, a cooled R928P photomultiplier tube operated in photon-counting mode is used. A second emission channel is configured for detection of near-IR emission using an imaging spectrograph (iHR-320) with a liquid-nitrogen cooled InGaAs array (Horiba: Symphony IGA-512). Accessories include automated polarisers, an integrating sphere, a thermostatted cuvette holder, a solid sample holder and a cryostat holder.

Hosted by: Photon Science Institute, University of Manchester.

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