Tunable high repetition rate system at Photon Science Institute, University of Manchester

w: http://www.psi.manchester.ac.uk/research/facilities/PSIfacilities09.pdf

We have a Mira 900-Optima Dual femto/picosecond tunable Ti:sapphire oscillator (Coherent) with a 2nd and 3rd harmonic generation unit (Inrad: 5-050) and pulse picker (APE PulseSelect Dual). Additionally, the Mira oscillator can be used to synchronously pump a ring-Optical Parametric Oscillator equipped with bulk KTP and PP crystals (Coherent/APE: Mira-OPO advanced ring), or (in femtosecond mode) to seed a RegA 9000 Ti:sapphire regenerative amplifier (Coherent). The Mira and RegA are both pumped by an 18W DPSS laser (Coherent: Verdi V-18). A 2nd/3rd harmonic generation unit (Photop: Timeplate THG) and two Optical Parametric Amplifiers (Coherent: OPA 9400 and OPA 9800) are used to extend the tuning range of the amplified ~100kHz RegA output. Mid-IR can also be generated by Difference Frequency Generation of the OPA 9800 output (Coherent: DFG 9800).

Hosted by: Photon Science Institute, University of Manchester.

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