Tunable 1kHz ultrashort pulse system at Photon Science Institute, University of Manchester

w: http://www.psi.manchester.ac.uk/research/facilities/PSIfacilities09.pdf

A large bandwidth Ti:sapphire oscillator with integrated pump laser and Carrier-Envelope Phase stabilisation unit (Coherent/Menlo Systems: Micra-CEP) is used to seed a two-stage Ti:sapphire regenerative and single pass power amplifier pumped by an integrated solid-state Nd:YLF laser (Coherent: Legend Elite-USP Duo). The Micra output is routed through a dual spatial light modulator for phase and amplitude control (Coherent/Biophotonics Solutions: Silhouette-II) and the pulses can be compressed with a CPC compact chirped mirror unit (Coherent) for stand alone use if desired. The <;40fs/>6mJ amplified output is split to simultaneously pump three white light-seeded Optical Parametric Amplifiers (Coherent/Light Conversion: OPerA Solo). Two are configured for operation down into the deep-UV and UV, and the third is configured for IR operation. Higher energy pulses can also be obtained at the 2nd, 3rd and 4th harmonics of the amplifier in place of the output from one of the OPAs. Planned upgrades of this system include CEP stabilisation of the amplifier and addition of a noble gas-filled hollow fibre and chirped-mirror compressor system for high harmonic generation.

Hosted by: Photon Science Institute, University of Manchester.

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