Tunable 1kHz picosecond system at Photon Science Institute, University of Manchester

w: http://www.psi.manchester.ac.uk/research/facilities/PSIfacilities09.pdf

The Mai Tai BB Ti:sapphire oscillator (Newport Spectra-Physics) used to seed the ~130fs Ti:sapphire regenerative amplifier is also used _ in conjunction with a stretcher grating mask _ to seed a ~1ps two-stage Ti:sapphire regenerative and single pass power amplifier pumped by an integrated solid- state Nd:YLF laser (Coherent: Legend Elite-P Duo). One portion of the amplified output is frequency doubled in a linewidth-narrowing SHG unit (Light Conversion: SHBC) and this output is then used to pump two Topas 400 Optical Parametric Amplifiers (Light Conversion). One of these is configured for operation down into the deep-UV and the other has just SHG. The remaining output from the amplifier is converted into tunable IR radiation with a Topas 800 Optical Parametric Amplifier (Light Conversion) with a separate sum-frequency mixing unit (Light Conversion: MIR) for enhanced mid- IR output.

Hosted by: Photon Science Institute, University of Manchester.

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