Soft X-ray Magnetic Resonance Scattering at Physics and Astronomy, University of Exeter

We are regular users of synchrotron radiation facilities._ X-ray spectroscopy and scattering techniques are used to investigate magnetic correlations in thin films and interfaces. The techniques are based on the effect of x-ray circular magnetic dichroism (XMCD) probing the magnitude and the orientation of the local magnetic moment. An element specific analysis is possible by tuning to the corresponding absorption edge of the material. Experiments are carried out at beam-lines I10 (Diamond Light Source, UK) and ID08 (ESRF, Grenoble, France). Measurements can be performed in reflective geometry with either a point detector ('_theta-two theta̻_ dependence) or a CCD (off-specular, 2D_ scattering). Variable temperature and field environments are available to suit specific magnetic configurations.

Hosted by: Physics and Astronomy, University of Exeter.

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