Magneto-optical Kerr effect magnetometer at Physics and Astronomy, University of Exeter

An optical magnetometer for the acquisition of magnetic hysteresis loops._ Continuous film samples can be characterized using the polar, longitudinal, and transverse magneto-optical Kerr effects and the magneto-optical Faraday effect (transparent samples only)._ The samples are probed using a continuous wave laser (wavelength = 633 nm), while the magneto-optical effects are detected using a balanced photodiode polarizing bridge detector._ Hysteresis loops may also be acquired from microscale samples (including arrays of nanoscale samples) using a scanning Kerr microscope equipped with a high numerical aperture objective lens and a quadrant photodiode polarizing bridge detector._ The microscope allows three components of the magnetization vector to be detected simultaneously yielding hysteresis loops for the component of magnetization parallel and perpendicular to the applied external field.

Hosted by: Physics and Astronomy, University of Exeter.

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