Optical materials, devices and fabrication at Photonics Research Group, University of Bristol

The Bristol Photonics Group have developed world-leading semiconductor laser and optical amplifier models and applied them to model quantum dot lasers and amplifiers, and in dilute nitride lasers. Experimental work has used the focused ion beam facility to post process lasers with detailed experimental characterisation.

We have adapted Bristol's in-house Finite Difference Time Domain Code (FDTD) to 3-D simulation of optical structures and use this modelling expertise to design, fabricate (using FIBE) and characterise photonic crystal waveguides and single photon sources based on pillar microcavities. We have begun a study of tunable 3D colloidal photonic crystals for display purposes.

Our optical device fabrication and processing facility is key to a wide range of work within photonics group, but is also used University wide (electronics, materials science, biological science, physics, chemistry) and by external universities and industry.

Hosted by: Photonics Research Group, University of Bristol.

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