The UK Photonics Portal is a national portal for photonics equipment and expertise. You can use the portal to search for equipment, experts, institutions, capabilities and more besides. Start from the categories in the menu to the left, or see can search and browse here.

Launched in Autumn 2013, the portal hosts an extensive, up-to-date dataset with much of the content automatically updated from the Web. This information is collated within the portal, processed, and made available again as a coherent resource using an advanced Linked Data infrastructure supplied by Seme4 Ltd. This activity has been funded by EPSRC, as part of the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Photonics project. We are pleased to share data with most of the leading UK photonics institutes and research facilities, SMEs and photonic societies and organisations.

To submit suggestions for additional sources to include in the portal please email photonics-support@seme4.com.


In compiling this resource, we have been fortunate to draw on data and resources from a variety of organisations. In addition to the data from the organisations listed, we thank the following for their resources:

This project is funded by EPSRC’s Centres for Innovative Manufacturing theme which supports 16 centres across UK as part of a novel approach to maximise the impact of innovative research for the UK, supporting existing industries, and more importantly, opening up new industries and markets in growth areas.